SponsorWay Affiliate Programme

We offer great commissions and a new type of market for you to earn money.

our affiliate program rewards you for Inviting both Advertisers and Publishers.

Recurring Commissions

With our affiliate programs you will earn Reoccurring Commissions up-to 1 Year when you invite any advertiser or Influencer.

If You Invite a Advertiser you will get 10% of our commission we earned from particular Influencer.

For Advertisers you get 40% Earning Share from the Commission we earn from the Adverters

High Commissions Share

you will get 40% of Commission on your referral Advertiser and 10% on Inviting new influencer to Sponsorway

Easy to Refer

Affiliates Links are not Possible in this type of Affiliate Programme So you can use any of these 2 method to get the referral benefits. We will also other tracking Methods soon.

Refer Code

We Give Exclusive 10% Discounts to Advertisers if they use your referal code. And we will put your referral tag on the advertiser of Influencers. 

After Account Activation you get your custom refer code.

Notify Us

You can also submit any Information about the Advertiser to us. so we can identify your referrals.

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